Conservation, Water Use And How To Conserve

July 12, 2012 - Updated: July 12, 2012

How to conserve water in your home

If your family’s water use is troubling you, follow these 10 easy tips to conserve water in your home.

1.    Only water your lawn when necessary - your lawn will let you know when it needs water. If you walk across your lawn and footprints remain, it’s thirsty. By watering your lawn only when it needs it, you’ll reduce your water use and improve your lawn’s health. Better yet, look into a smart irrigation system. A smart irrigation system is designed for water conservation, only watering your lawn when it needs it while taking into account any recent rainfall to avoid water waste.

2.    Continuously inspect your home for leaks to both improve water use in your home and increase your water conservation by keeping an eye out for leaky faucets and water damage near pipes. One trick you can use to see if your toilet is leaking is to add food colouring to the water tank. If the colour appears in the toilet bowl without a flush, you’re seeing a sign of a leak that could be wasting water. Another tip is to try to go a two hour period without using any water, and then checking your water meter. If the needle has moved, you might have a leak.

3.    Your dishwasher and washing machine are designed for water conservation, they just have to be used properly. Only use either machine when they are full, or set the machines for small loads.

4.    Wondering how to conserve water while keeping your garden healthy at the same time? Water your plants in the morning or evening instead of the middle of the day when the sun is hottest. This will prevent up to a third of the water from evaporating off of the plants under the sun.

5.    Reduce your water use by not using a hose for cleaning - a running hose can waste up to six gallons of water per minute. Use a sponge and bucket to clean your car, and a broom to clean your walkway, patio and driveway.

6.    Make use of your double sink by filling one compartment with soapy water and the other with rinse water to stop running the tap while washing dishes.

7.    Collect air conditioner runoff, nutrient-dense fish tank water and the water used to clean fruits and vegetables to give to your houseplants.

8.    Upgrade your home appliances, toilets and shower heads to more efficient, water conserving models. In turn, you’ll also save money on your energy bills.

9.    Increase your bath time water conservation by bathing small children together and plugging the tub before you turn on the faucet.

10.    Compost as many of your kitchen scraps as you can to avoid over using your garbage disposal, which uses water.

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