How a Newly Remodelled Bathroom Can Increase Home Value

March 19, 2012 - Updated: March 19, 2012

Today remodeling your bathroom is one of the sure fired ways to increase home value.  Kitchens and bathrooms are top on the list when it comes to increasing your home's saleability.  All you need to do is turn on your television and view the number of shows available on D.I.Y. channels to know that this is true, especially with shows like Bath Crashers, and Do-It-Yourself bathroom makeovers.

So, when you are considering the value of renovation, head to the bathroom and ask yourself..... What condition is my bathroom really in?  Chances are, even if the room is in good condition, it could at least do with an update.  Prospective buyers are always looking at bathrooms to see if they measure up and this can affect the end resale value of your home or whether the prospective buyers will make an offer on your home  or not, as this is also one of the more expensive renovations that homeowners face.

Unfortunately, many people fail to see this home renovation when there are other larger rooms in their home that have more significance to them, but today home hunters are looking for bathrooms that offer them a sanctuary, and not just a place to groom themselves. Relaxing in the bathtub, whirlpool, or spa bath let people relax and unwind, and because this is one of the smallest rooms in the home updating it and making it appealing to prospective buyers makes this one of the best investment options for your renovation money.

When looking at your bathroom, be critical.  Are the fixtures tired, worn, or dated?  Is the finish on the tub, toilet, sink starting to wear and dull?  Is the flooring in good condition?  Are the walls marked up and dingy?  These are all important considerations when designing a home renovation project that will increase home value.  Sometimes a fresh coat of paint, additional lighting, a new mirror, or replacing water guzzling toilets with high efficiency models can increase the value of your home renovation immensely.

Other times, the room is cramped and impossible to be comfortable in.  In this instance, it is time to have a contractor come in and see what design arrangements can be made to make the room a little larger or to move the basic facilities around so that the room has an open and inviting appearance. All home renovation contractors offer "Free" estimates, and as a good rule of thumb, getting two or maybe three will not only give you three different design possibilities to work with, but also three budget considerations to entertain.  Because completing this project holds such importance to the resale value of your home, if you are not handy, let the professional handle it.

By having professional estimates done on your value renovation, you will also have an idea of what your overall budget will be, plus they can point out areas that may be troublesome that you overlooked.  Today, owning a home is a sound investment; therefore providing the home buyer with a modern, up-to-date newly renovated bathroom not only provides the incentive to buy, but also provides you with a sense of accomplishment that you can take pride in.

For home buyers, a room that is light and airy with ample space and storage is always a selling point, so when it comes to decorating your newly renovated bathroom be sure to include pretty little baskets, containers, and cabinets that neatly and efficiently store away your bathroom clutter.

When it is time to do your first open house to show off your new home renovation, put out a few candles, fresh linens, and create a pleasant atmosphere.  After all, this one tiny room can increase home value more than any other room in your home, except maybe your kitchen.

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