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Noisy Condo Neighbours? What You Can do About It

October 22, 2013 - Updated: October 22, 2013

When you live in a condo, part of the condo culture is that you will have to tolerate a certain amount of noise from your neighbours. It is just part of living in a common living space. But, there is a limit to how much noise you should tolerate. While the odd noise disturbance is to be expected, and you are probably guilty of a few here and there as well, persistent noise is an issue that you don’t have to live with.

Common Noise Complaints

When it comes to noise complaints in condos, there are many that people would class as normal types of noise disturbances. They are part of condo culture. They include:

  •  Loud music or televisions
  • Thumping late at night
  •  Parties
  • Barking dogs (if dogs are allowed)
  • Loud people in the hallway
  • After hours use of the garbage chute

Rules in Your Condo

Before you do anything, the first thing you should do is take a look at your condo rules and regulations. If you are going to file a complaint, you need to make sure you are following proper protocol and following the rules of the condo board.

Remember that everyone’s tolerance for noise will be different and it could be completely possible that your neighbors are within their rights to make the noise and you could just be over reacting. So, don’t discount that you could just be overly sensitive.

Once you have ruled this out, your first step is to file a formal complaint in writing about the noise. When you do this, make sure you are as specific as possible and record times, dates, and the noise that is causing the disturbance.

If there are specific rules in place, then the condo board directors are obligated to enforce the rules. If there aren’t, then the board should look at drafting new rules. Owners, who receive no response and feel helpless to change something in the condominium corporation, should consider being part of the condo board to ensure that their voice can be heard.

Unjustified Complaints

On the other side of the coin, if you are receiving complaints about being too noisy, don’t forget that you have rights as well and the complaints may not be warranted. Take a look at the condo rules to see if you are acting within the rules. If you are, then you should contest the complaint by writing a letter to the condo board.

Noise complaints are part of condo living. Make sure that you know your rights, and the rules of the condo board before you take action.

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