Tips for Tackling Pesky Procrastination

November 9, 2012 - Updated: November 9, 2012

It can be difficult for many Canadians to find motivation and get nearly anything done after a full work week. This can lead to crippling procrastination, or worse yet: it can allow those mundane tasks to really pile up on you. If you’ve got a lot to do and keep putting things off, try some of these procrastination avoidance tips for a major self-improvement overhaul.

Plan appropriately. It can be easy to put off chores if you need to do the chore at a specific time of day such as before dark or need to borrow a tool from a friend. You may even need the help of a second person if you can’t do the job all by yourself. Make a point of borrowing that tool or setting up a date with a friend in order to give yourself a head start in completing these tasks and avoiding procrastination.

Make lists. A list can help you organize your chores and prevent you from forgetting any of them, while also letting you visualize and prioritize each one. Not only will a list keep you organized, it will help your motivation by keeping you satisfied while you check off items and watch as the list becomes smaller.

Use your calendar. Your monthly calendar isn’t just for decoration: use it as a guide for when certain tasks need to be completed. You can buy a desktop calendar or even use the calendar on your computer for an easy-to-use guideline for self-improvement.

Do at least one thing per day. On your busiest days, try to accomplish just one of the smallest chores on your list. This will get the ball rolling and ensure you feel like you’re getting something done, which will prevent you from feeling discouraged or as if you haven’t done enough, increasing your motivation to do more.

Reward yourself. You can’t be perfect and avoid procrastination all of the time, but when you finally complete an important task or make a fair-sized dent in your workload, reward yourself with an evening or day off to recharge.

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